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Sep. 25th, 2017 12:58 pm
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The care of my mother has passed to my family for the week. My brother & sister planned months ago to go to London to see the Ravens play and that's where they are at this writing. Wednesday was my day which went well. Thursday I'd just turned onto the beltway when my phone rang. My wife couldn't get her car started and so Thursday became my day as well. I didn't have anything planned. (We usually try and take a main course for her in case she doesn't care for the nursing home's choice). I stopped at a Giant and collected a few things at their deli.
Friday, my son went and managed to hook his laptop up to the room's TV and to the wifi at the nursing home. He got VUDU to work and showed her The Martian.
Saturday was my day. I took The Wrong Box, a 40 some year old British Comedy. Sunday we tried Law & Order which went over pretty well too.
I went to my orthopedist this week. Got a cortisone shot for my left elbow. The intermittent pain in my left hip and left knee he told me to ignore and see if it gets worse.
I also managed to have a dinner with [profile] soubrettic. That was pleasant.

Recently I've managed to watch (or re-watch) to the end on Netflix (Mostly), Longmire, Traveller, The Expanse, Van Helsing and I'm almost caught up on The Orvile.


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