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John's cellulits is NOT going away, despite topical creams and 3 rounds of different antibiotics in the past month, both oral and 2 in the butt. In fact, the cellulitis is growing again.

So, when his class is over at noon, he will drive himself to a hospital and request IV therapy. This is incredibly stressful, having your love in a hospital hundreds of miles away. I checked Travelocity last night and I could have secured a flight to Chicago tonight for $220 RT that would return me here Monday morning. When I told him about it, he was adamant that I not come. That we don't have the money, that it's not fair to Normie to leave him, that he can handle it on his own.

Ugh! Men!

In other news, I get to meet Wife #2 for the first time in 3.5 years on Sunday. She was the one with John when they adopted Clyde and Normie was her pick, despite John not wanting a Terrier or a puppy. When he called her Sunday to break the news of Clyde's death, my heart went out to her and I told John that if she wanted a Norman fix, I would be available for her to come by to visit while he was gone for the next month. She left a message on the home machine yesterday and last night, we set Sunday afternoon as the time she'll come over.

I'm wondering now how to make this less awkward.
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