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Today after work, I take back the unused portions of Clyde's food and un-opened meds to the vet. Norman has been grieving more than I thought a little dog could grieve. Last night, John and I Skyped for a while and every time John called out to Norman, Norman would ignore the computer and run to the door. It was sad. He's still not eating very well and his tail hardly wags, even when I try to engage him in play.
I'm not sure why people bitch about fact the storm was not as bad as they predicted. I know a lot of money and science has gone into weather prediction, but Mother Nature is still Mother Nature. (I still remember the Chiffon margarine commercials where the spokesperson would say, "You cannot fool Mother Nature.") So I had a day at home. So VRE didn't run and the train tracks that run parallel beside my neighborhood were silent. So the area slowed down a little bit and had a chance to breathe. I'm sick of people saying that meteorologists are Chicken Littles. Fuck you for claiming to be perfect in what you do for a living.
Speaking of Mother Nature and the effects, is your arm broken or maimed to the point you cannot clean off the roof of your car?? I saw countless potential wrecks this morning from flying sheets of ice and snow on the beltway. Thoughtless people piss me off.
I slept on my left wrist in some weird, mangled way last night and today, it feels tight and cranky. Hey-- just like me!

This post has been brought to you by the lack of caffeine.
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